Half a trillion dollars. That’s the amount spent on marketing worldwide, every year. There is power in that amount—and responsibility.

To tackle that responsibility, Forbes Ignite and Smartsheet are reimagining how the profession works and how it can be used as a force for good in the world. That half a trillion dollars can work for all of us—but it will take a broad effort to make it happen.

For starters, we brought together a community of purpose-driven marketers and executives who are dedicated to creating a human-centered way of doing business that unites positive impacts with profits. In a world that’s evolving rapidly, these marketers sought to find ways to create change—in order to generate impact within the industry and move it forward.

In teams, the workshop participants started brainstorming—each tackling a specific question. They discussed, disagreed and iterated. In the end, they developed five ideas that provide viable pathways forward.

As businesses are forced to become more agile, an effective implementation of the strategies uncovered could alter the way we do business. That’s where Smartsheet comes in. Smartsheet is the platform for dynamic work. It transforms the way organizations work, enabling greater agility, action and effectiveness so that businesses can compete in a constantly changing world.

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