Who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters – a digital marketing agency. At least, that’s how most people react when they realize they need help with online advertising. Increasingly, online marketing is a massive deal – with 86% of B2C marketers reflecting that content marketing is a key strategy for success. Hence, it makes sense to hire a professional that understands the core industry principles. Right? Well, hiring a marketing agency isn’t always the only answer, even the best answer to your success.

Rushing right in to hire a professional marketing team isn’t always the best answer. After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy that guarantees success. For your business to grow and expand, you must utilize tools, strategies, and tactics tailored to your company, your goals, and your values. Otherwise, you’ll fail, and unlike Frank Sinatra, you won’t do it your way.

The cold reality is this: you don’t always require a digital marketing agency to ride in on white horses and save the day. Sometimes, whether your marketing is working or plateauing, it just doesn’t make sense. Here are four occasions to keep in mind.

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency

First, let’s be clear about what a marketing agency is and what they do.

When most business folks say “marketing agency” what they often mean is an advertising agency. It’s important to be clear that these two types of agencies aren’t the same, just as marketing is bigger than just advertising. Learn more about how marketing and advertising are different here.

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